Gothenburg is full of creative hotels and restaurants and I can understand why the city is called ”Little London”. We decided to travel ”all the way” from Stockholm to Gothenburg and these hand picked places are our favorites.

Hotel Eggers

Hotell Eggers was the hotel we stayed at. It’s one of Sweden’s oldest hotel and located just across the central station. The vintage vibe is something that hits you right away – a feeling that goes in line with the beautiful interior.

In our room they had decorated the walls with a wallpaper that dates back 500 years – a treasure found many years later in an old building in Malmö.

Speaking of old – the elegant golden elevator is original from 1894.

We really enjoyed staying at this charming place. The service was great and if you’re lucky you can get a room with an old record player. Dance away!

Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant

Oh my lord, stepping into Dorsia is like stepping into a rainbow of colorful movies. Take a bit of Twin Peeks and mix it with Alice in Wonderland, Moulin Rouge and all the antique interior you can think of and you’ll have Dorsia.

This place is worth visiting if only for a drink..

..and the lamps (that I did’t get to buy and take with me home)

And the guests felt like a part of a painting.

If you are a color (and David Lynch) lover like us this is heaven!