Ett hem – a relaxing place, just like home

Imagine a brick townhouse in the middle of Stockholm – filled with beautiful interior, fireplaces and a dreamy orangery courtyard to have breakfast in. A visual treat wherever you look. That’s what you get at Ett hem.

We decided to stay one night for our wedding anniversary at this unique place that used to be a private residence. To me the area ”Lärkstaden” in central Stockholm was mostly known as a place where a lot of embassies are located. Quiet, expensive and a lot of big houses.

This time I’d heard about the place from an artist and now I understand why. Ett hem is truly an inspiring and tasteful design hotel to get inspired at – whether you’re an artist or not.

The feeling of privacy hits you right at the brick wall entrance and you wouldn’t know it was a hotel unless you’ve been told. After checking in at the front desk (that we almost missed as it’s literally just a desk with a laptop) we were given a quick tour that lead us to our room that funnily enough felt like a very stylish ski cabin with walls covered in wood panel. That is just one example of Ilse Crawford’s interesting interior design – and I think she is one of the main reasons why this place succeeds so well in not just being a beautiful place – but also strategically relaxing in its design.

The hotel really makes reason for its name Ett hem (A home) when entering the comfortable living room. While waiting for dinner to be served you can grab a drink from the self service bar, pick a book from the beautiful library and lean back in front of the fireplace.

My kitchen fantasy about a gigantic cabinet with glass doors, a ceiling chandelier hanging over a big wooden dinner table totally came true here. The kitchen really had an relaxing vibe where you could choose to have chat with your table man or – with the chef right behind you who’s preparing your delicious little five course house menu. Just like home 😉

Now, last but not least – a hotel that not only remembers but also makes a deal out of your wedding anniversary gets a star in this location story. In our room they had left a congratulation letter along with a nice little design gift.

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